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My Sewing Space

Hello Everyone!

I have been working on my sewing space for a little while now and I think it is ready for the camera. It’s a bit cramped so its not perfect, but I wanted to share it anyway. I have dreams of a separate studio with a MASSIVE drafting and cutting table and comfy lounge chairs. Unfortunately for now, that is just not in the cards. Someday…

For now, I have figured out something that will work in the small space I have. There are still things I would like to do for better organization, but it’s working right now. I nabbed a round table for $15 at a yard sale a few years back and decided it would be perfect for my sewing table. I cut in in half and attached it flush to the wall so I can have 2 sewing machines set up at a time (between my mother and I we have 4 sewing machines… we might have a problem). I found these cute hanging basket shelves and have assigned them to all the bits and bobs I don’t feel like having out all the time. I also store specific projects neatly so I don’t have a jumble on my cutting table all the time. I have an issue with multiple projectitis.

Here she is in all her glory (machine #2 is getting a much needed cleaning):


For my cutting space, I found an old door at the local ReStore for a few bucks and cut it to fit my cutting mats. I built a simple frame out of scrap wood in the garage and attached wheels so I can move it around. I covered the door in a tablecloth and attached velcro to the corners. I put velcro on the backs of my cutting mats and put them on the new table. Now, I have a decent sized cutting table/ work surface and I can remove the mats anytime for other projects!


I would love to see other work spaces to give me ideas on improving mine. I also hope I gave you a few ideas for your maker space. Leave pics and ideas in the comments!

Happy creating,




I am a stay at home mom and entrepreneur with a passion for sewing, woodworking, cooking, and family. I would rather create than do dishes any day, and usually succeed at just that.

3 thoughts on “My Sewing Space

  1. I like your half round tables and things do look decently organized. 4 machines between 2 people is nothing. I have 5 by myself and a 6th currently in my space. One iteration of my sewing space is near the start of my blog. Might be the first post, actually. But you don’t want to see that. Chaos! I clean things up and the next week it looks like a tornado hit. I do have a bunch of little bins and clear plastic boxes to store small things in the shelves under my 4′ x 4′ rolling cutting table. Unfortunately, I also currently have a couch intruding on my space.


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