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Can You Do It? Yes You Can!

Hello everyone!

I have been making or repurposing a lot of my own clothes, home decor, furniture, and all sorts of random things basically my whole life. It’s just the way things were at my house growing up. Want to be a ghost for Halloween? Mom made the costume. Want a new dresser for the bedroom? Dad would help make one or (more often) we would all pile into the car to go “thrifting”. Somebody’s trash would become my new treasure and a fresh coat of paint or stain was all it needed to be exactly what I had always wanted.

I am the person who thinks “I could make that” rather than go to a store and buy it. I want to help you have the confidence to feel the same way. It’s not that there is anything wrong with buying something new at the store. Make no mistake, I buy plenty of items new. But I have saved my family a TON of money over the years making rather than buying and had fun in the process. Also, who doesn’t enjoy the pride that comes with completing a project and showing it off?

Whether it is a simple project or an elaborate masterpiece, YOU CAN DO THIS! We live in the age of YouTube and Pinterest. Take advantage of it! I have taken on projects I never would have dreamed of doing because I watched a video that gave me the confidence to try it myself. There is a video or tutorial on almost anything (I hope to have my own here soon!) that can help you tackle any project. If videos aren’t your thing, picture tutorials or books are available on any subject. If you have the desire to make something on your own, simply take a few minutes to research how others have done it and get making!

The best example I can give you is my dining room table. I was fairly confident with most power tools and had made a few simple wood projects. I decided I wanted to make a farmhouse table for my dining room. I looked and discovered I would be able to make the entire thing for around $250, compared to the $1500+ I was looking at in the stores. Most importantly though, I wanted it to be nice. I had never tackled something like this before. I watched videos online and altered some plans from Anna White (I have no affiliation/sponsorship with Anna White, that chick is just AMAZING. Check out plans for anything you could ever want to make here) so the table would match the dimensions I wanted. With a little hard work and lots of trips to the hardware store, I created this:


Is it perfect? No. It is, however, exactly what I wanted and just as nice as anything I would have bought in a store. I know where the flaws are because I made it and I have ridiculous creative OCD which means nothing will ever be perfect in my crazy head. The other thing I got from making this table was confidence. I surprised myself in making it and have tackled far more difficult projects since then without being afraid to do so. I even started taking custom furniture orders through my business and feel confident that I will give my clients a piece that can hold up to anything in a store.

I guess what I’m trying to say through all of this rambling is never underestimate yourself. There are things you aren’t going to be good at, but you may surprise yourself if you try something new. Start with a project that won’t cost a ton of money, so if it doesn’t work out you aren’t mad at yourself (or short your rent…). I challenge you to get inspired and try something you have never done before. Something that scares you a tiny bit. You may very well be surprised at how awesome you are 🙂

Happy creating,




I am a stay at home mom and entrepreneur with a passion for sewing, woodworking, cooking, and family. I would rather create than do dishes any day, and usually succeed at just that.

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